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Welcome to We Meet Again: Coaching for Couples  
We believe in creating intentional partnerships with courage and heart. That may take meeting each other again, hence We Meet Again. Together we make it possible for couples to create new relationships, build upon the strong foundation that is already created, or take the necessary steps to follow your separate paths. Whatever the reason, we’ll explore your partnership goals together.



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You can create the relationship you want

There is opportunity in a knowing glance, a comforting embrace, and a compassionate question. There's even more opportunity in rebuilding, reconnecting, and recommitting. When you open your heart to yourself and your partner it creates space for a powerful relationship to thrive.

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we’re robert & shona

Grab hold of the experience you want in your relationship

When we met, it was clear we were creating something special. Our whirlwind courtship had us sharing our vows and building our life together in unexpected ways. Admittedly at a pace that, at times, was uncomfortable, but we were intently clear on who we were, what we wanted, and why we wanted it. Now married and building our family, we believe anything is possible when you bridge the gap together between head and heart.

Click below to learn more about who we are as a couple and as coaches.  We’re excited you are here and our hope is our story inspires you to create the relationship goals and experience of life that matters to you most.


Redefining partnership with courage and heart




“After 3 months of life coaching... I have better relationships with my family, husband, and most importantly, with myself. I have perspective. I have changed. I am empowered."

Robyn, Nurse Practitioner
Los Angeles, California

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3 Keys to a Healthy Relationship

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