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types of coaching


2:2 Coaching

Couples Together, better is possible.
Two isn’t always better than one, but in this case, we believe it is. Let us support you and your partner as you navigate your relationship goals together.


2:1 Coaching

Couple to Individual, better is possible.
It took us many years to find each other, because we had not yet individually discovered ourselves. Let us help you uncover yourself by working with both of us, so you can welcome that partner you’ve been dreaming of.


how we can help

Do you and your partner live separate lives? Or do you want to create a stronger bond? We support you in achieving your relationship goals while creating space for a powerful relationship to thrive.

In working with us, you will:

  • Become aware of the thought patterns that hold you back from achieving your relationship goals.

  • Shift behaviors that have you falling out of partnership with your significant other.

  • Create a new way to love or not, depending on the direction you want to take the relationship.

  • Meet each other again and create a new powerful experience of relationship.

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what to expect

Coaching is a unique future based conversation meant to challenge, confront, reflect, and create. Coaching provides a support structure to step out of our comfort zone and into something new where possibility lives.


  • 4 x 60 min sessions/month

  • Video and/or phone sessions include a mixture of the following;

    • 2:2 Coaching: Robert & Shona + Couple

    • 2:1 Coaching: Robert & Shona + Individual

    • 1:1 Coaching: Robert OR Shona + Individual

  • Custom tailored weekly practices in-between sessions to support your relationship goals.

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types of relationship coaching

Relationship Repair

Holding the hearts.

Two hearts that were once together, sometimes drift apart.  Whether its kids and a busy schedule, drifting communication, lack of intimacy, a breakdown in trust, or differing interests that have separated you, we work with you to create a shared vision that aligns two hearts again.


Relationship Repair Includes:

  • Creating shared projects with milestones and actions

  • Supporting you as a couple and individuals for renewed partnership

  • Distinguishing negative patterns in order to create new empowering ones

  • Intensive couples connection exercise

  • 2:2 + 1:1 coaching structures

Coaching for Singles

Time to find the magic.

You don’t have to do this alone.  We are here to support you create and manifest the perfect relationship for you. Many people are unaware of the thought and behavioral patterns that keep us from finding a partner.  Together, we work to shift those thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns so you can attract your person.


Coaching for Singles Includes:

  • Pointed and reflective questioning

  • Letting go exercises

  • Removal of patterns and beliefs holding you back from finding your partner

  • Relationship project design

  • 2:1 + 1:1 coaching available

Pre-Marital Coaching

You’re getting married.

Congratulations. Now is the time to create the strong foundation of the life-long commitment to each other. As you begin your life as partners, this as an opportune time to create the foundational relationship structure that allows for the until death do us part.


Pre-Marital Coaching Includes:

  • MIssion and vision of marriage

  • Goal clarification

  • Addressing potential future gaps in partnership

  • Foundational practices for aligned partnership

  • Intensive couples connection exercise

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