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At 38 years old, Shona had resigned to the idea that she would be single the rest of her life…

She had gone on over 200 first and second dates and was exhausted after nearly 20 years of searching. During the 2016 New Year, Shona declared she was going to do things differently. For her, that meant creating the life she wanted whether she had a partner or not. She graduated with her second Masters of Arts, took herself to New Zealand, and created a daily routine to attract her ideal partner.  She also vowed to hire a matchmaker, or life coach, later that Fall. That entire year, she started to connect with what she really wanted in a partner. And wouldn’t you know it, on one fateful day in mid October, a smiley, bald, life coach appeared on her Tinder app… and she quickly swiped right, having a sneaking feeling about this one!  

Robert was creating a new life for himself as well...

He had just experienced another failed relationship in a long line of heartbreak. Robert was nearing completion of a year long rigorous ontological coach training program when he had a breakthrough in vulnerability. This breakthrough led him to open up in ways he was previously closed and unable to. That moment created the opportunity to explore what Robert really wanted in the experience of partnership and relationship. Getting clear on what he wanted and, most importantly, who he needed to be to create this experience was the foundation for meeting the woman of his dreams. Robert was amazed when she showed up agreeing to meet him for brunch. By the fourth date, Robert knew this would be the woman he would ask to marry.

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about Robert

Helping others is the gift I have to give and one that is my passion.

From healing hearts as a cardiac critical care registered nurse in my first career to the regional director of a multi-million dollar medical group healthcare system, it has been this experience that has lead me to understand the critical importance of relationships in life.

I’ve supported families and individuals during some of the most tragic life and death scenarios and pushed and grew my leadership running the business side of healthcare while creating excellence against the odds among my teams. My expanded ability to be with others and meet them where they are has certainly been shaped by this career path.

While moving up the healthcare corporate ladder I knew my gifts and skills were not being fully utilized. I discovered the growing field of coaching and going through the rigorous Coaches Training Program with Accomplishment Coaching I further developed my skill in being with and getting the best out of others, including myself.

I am an associate credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation, hold an MBA from Benedictine University and a baccalaureate of science in nursing from Purdue University. I have completed Level 1 training in the Gottman Method, which is a research-based approach to relationships. As a relationship and couples coach, I’m doing the work that I was meant to do to fulfill my life purpose and getting to do it with my wonderful wife.

As the author of the forthcoming book “Why Your Relationships Suck: How to Create Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart” and as a devoted student of the relationship development I preach, I enjoy a rewarding and fuller life being a husband, a coach, a leader, a musician, outdoors-man, and friend to all.

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about Shona

Coaching others is in my blood and is my passion to share.

As an athlete growing up, I stepped into coaching shoes as soon as I possibly could.  I saw how the coaches around me changed my trajectory and supported me in achieving my goals and dreams...  I wanted in! Coaching athletics was always incredibly fulfilling, but after 21 years, I traded my whistle in for a notepad and phone to pursue my dreams of being a Life Coach and Leader.

In my 15+ years in education, I have worn many hats as teacher instructional coach, Leader, and athletic coach. These varying rolls have led me to fully appreciate the The importance of experimenting, failing, not making the failure mean anything about me, and learning for the next go-round.It’s a lesson I put to the test while being enrolled in the Worlds finest coaching and leadership training program with Accomplishment Coaching. Although I hold two leadership masters degrees, neither hold a candle to the real life applications life coaching brings. I often say that I wish every world leader had a coach because the world would be a better place.

As a firm believer in the idea that sometimes we have to break it down to build up, I practice what I preach and I have broken-down many negative patterns in the way I use to live. I use to tell myself stories that I wasn’t good enough, I’m dumb, or beat myself up after not achieving my imaginary high standards. These stories held me back from achieving my dreams and likely you have some negative stories that are also holding you back in your relationships, careers, finances, well-being, and most importantly in your relationship with yourself.

When I’m not coaching, leading workshops, teaching, speaking, or training the next generation of Life and Leadership Coaches in Chicago, you can find me out in nature, with Robert, meditating, boating, swimming, hanging out with nephews and sisters, or popping a bottle of bubbles with friends.

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We Meet Again exists to reconnect disconnected hearts, create a stronger partnership pulse, and unite hearts that have yet to meet.

Shona & Robert believe their strong coaching skills and heart centered methodology will support any person or couple looking to create a new empowered experience of partnership.  




“As a result of our work together, I found the courage to create the change I desired; I let go of a job and relationship that no longer served me. I’m positioned to create a life that truly aligns with my essence and purpose."

Anne-Preston Boscher
Chicago, Illinois

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